Top 5 Projects from 10/16/13-10/31/13

As the weather turns in much of the country, we have found your fellow knitters are looking to create garments to keep warm!  This group of top 5 projects includes warm sweaters, beautiful transitional pieces great for fall into winter and even a baby project!

Artin Cabled Pullover

Men’s Artin Cabled Pullover in Berroco Vintage

1.Vintage Artin Men’s Cabled Pullover: Men will love the boldness of the various cabling patterns on this pullover because it gives it a very masculine look. It is sure to be his favorite go-to to wear with his jeans. This garment was designed with approximately four inches of ease. Please take this into consideration when selecting your size. It’s knitted using Berroco’s “Vintage” yarn, beautifully crafted in Peru of 50% acrylic, 40% wool & 10% nylon.





Dodgson Cardigan

Dodgson Cardigan in Berroco’s Boboli

2. Boboli Dodgson Cardigan: Now here’s a lovely short-sleeved cardigan with beautiful detailing on the front and sleeve edgings. This beautiful jacket almost looks as if you’re wearing a matching scarf with it. It’s knitted with Berroco’s “Boboli” yarn – a sophisticated wool blend yarn with a subtle shine and soft hand and several wonderful colorways.





Elements Zilpa Poncho

Zilpa Poncho in Berroco’s Elements

3. Elements Zilpa Poncho: A great pattern for a beginning knitter, this stylish poncho is easily knitted in a straight knit and purl rib pattern, then the edges are sewn together leaving the last several inches unsewn for the neck opening. It’s knitted using Berroco’s “Elements” yarn, sensationally crafted of 51% wool and 49% nylon and gives you a lovely two-tone effect because of its unique construction.





Baby Crofter Cabled Hooded Coat

Cabled Hooded Coat in Sirdar’s Crofter DK

4. Baby Crofter Cabled Hooded Coat: This adorable hoodie is created with “Snuggly Baby Crofter DK” yarn from Sirdar. A simple cable runs parallel to the front edges while the rest of the piece is done in stockinette edged with ribbing. A single button closure at the neck leaves the front edges open for a cute look for layering.





Ultra Alpaca Light Verne Buttoned Shrug

Verne Buttoned Shrug in Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Light

5. Ultra Alpaca Light Verne Buttoned Shrug: You’ll love this beautifully soft and lacy shrug in “Ultra Alpaca Light” from Berroco. The Norah Gaughan design features a diagonal button closure and an unusual lace pattern in repeating strips and is knitted from the top down.


Top 5 Projects from 10/1-10/15

When you see someone else knitting or crocheting, does the  urge to ask what they are working on hit you? Are you constantly looking for inspiration for your next project (or two)? Well, this is for you! Consider it your inside view into what is hot right now with the crafters who buy at

For the first two weeks of October, scarves and cowls are dominating the list. Most of the yarns these projects are made of came out with some new colors for the fall and knitters are taking advantage of them here.

Mist Lace Scarf

Crystal Palace Kid Merino Mist Lace Scarf

1. From Crystal Palace we have the Kid Merino Mist Lace Scarf – This scarf is as light as a morning mist and a perfect project for those who want to try a bit of lace knitting. This pattern only calls for one ball of yarn, but if you want to double the length, you can use an additional ball.






Kirkham Scarf

Berroco’s Ultra Alpaca Fine Kirkham Scarf

2. The Berroco Book #334 Boboli Lace and Ultra Alpaca Fine gives us the Kirkham Scarf – This long and lacy scarf is knitted in “Ultra Alpaca Fine” by Berroco. This ethereal lace scarf is easy to knit using yarn overs and knit togethers with no chart to follow.






Martyn Cowl

Berroco Boboli Lace Martyn Cowl

3. Another from Berroco Book #334 is the Boboli Lace Martyn Cowl – A combination of lace and rib patterns gives this cowl an edgy twist. Knitted in two colors of “Boboli Lace” this longer length cowl will brighten your fall wardrobe.






Moonshine Neck Wrap

Crystal Palace Moonshine Neck Wrap

4. The Moonshine Neck Wrap by Crystal Palace is our 4th top seller – This cute little neck wrap is the perfect project for a beginning knitter. Add a pretty pin to secure it and you have a hit on your hands – well, really your neck! It will dress up any outfit or coat that it’s worn with and would make a great gift too! It’s knitted using Crystal Palace’s “Moonshine” yarn – a fiber blend of nylon, kid mohair, wool, and metallic.






Dixon Skirt

Berroco Ultra Alpaca Dixon Skirt

5. For a departure from scarves and cowls, the Dixon Skirt comes in 5th from the latest Berroco: Norah Gaughan Volume 13 – This modern cabled a-line skirt is designed by Norah Gaughan in “Ultra Alpaca” from Berroco. Knitted from the top down, it is ribbed to mid hip and then flared as the pattern stitch is worked. Two inches of ribbing complete the lower edge.

Top 5 Yarns from 9-29 Through 10/5

Hello, Knitters and Crocheters! Welcome to the new blog by the staff here at Yarnmarket! We look forward to sharing with you all sorts of information from new products  and top sellers to knitting and crocheting tips and much more. Check back daily because things are always changing around here!

One of the first things we’d like to do is let you know what your fellow crafters are buying right now. The list below reflects the top 5 yarns we sold during the previous week.

Berroco's Vintage Wool by Berroco

Vintage Wool By Berroco in Color 5166

1) Vintage Yarn by Berroco: This wool-blend creation — “Vintage” yarn — gives you the best of both worlds for all your worsted-weight knitting & crochet projects. Its velvety durability will quickly make it a classic-style, go-to yarn for all your cool-weather sweaters, jackets, ponchos, scarves, hats, gloves & more. Beautifully crafted in Peru of 50% acrylic, 40% wool & 10% nylon.

Berroco's Comfort DK Yarn

Comfort DK Yarn by Berroco in Color 2726

2) Comfort DK Yarn by Berroco: “Comfort DK” is a beautiful blend of 50/50 superfine nylon & superfine acrylic just like the original worsted-weight Comfort and its cousin Comfort Sock Solid. Now you can use this lightweight, non-allergenic yarn for all those baby & children’s outfits you want to make. It’s perfect too for adults with sensitive skin.

Berroco's Boboli Lace

Boboli Lace by Berroco in Color 4312

3) Boboli Lace Yarn by Berroco: More versatile than a classic laceweight yarn, “Boboli Lace” is spun as a DK/sport-weight fiber gem so that you have a wider range of knitting & crochet gauges from which to choose. Beautifully crafted in Italy of 42% wool, 35% acrylic & 23% rayon.

Cascade 220 Color 9451

Cascade 220 in Color 9451

4) Cascade 220 Yarn by Cascade: This yarn is soft and knits up and crochets beautifully into pullovers, wraps, cardigans, afghans, hats, really any worsted-weight project you have in mind. It’s especially fabulous in felting projects of all kinds such as handbags, totes, bowls & garments. A versatile, worsted-weight yarn finely crafted in Peru of 100% pure wool.

Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran

Cashmerino Aran by Debbie Bliss in Color 42

5) Cashmerino Aran Yarn by Debbie Bliss:  Aran weight Cashmere blend yarn with delicious softness. 55% Merino, 33% Microfiber, 12% Cashmere yarn.